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Expert hands and natural products will help you to dissolve tensions, to forget stress, to regain energy and new vitality for a precious wellness. You will regain a new awareness of your body, in harmony with your spirit.

Massages for the body

Hanakasumi ritual
The exclusive Hanakasumi ritual is a real Japanese-style rebirth ritual that releases a delicate powdery perfume of lotus and cherry blossoms. The first part is dedicated to awakening the body and the sensations on the skin with a delicate scrub. The goal is to revive the flows of vital energy. To revitalize body and mind it is not enough to eliminate waste from the skin.

Draining & Toning Ritual
The draining massage is a connective tissue massage, its action is aimed at reactivating the blood and lymphatic circulation, stimulating oxygenation of the superficial tissues. The result is a marked improvement in skin tone. Furthermore, it acts directly on water retention, thus favoring it by acting against the orange peel skin.

Traditional Ayurveda Shirodara
The Shirodhara ritual derives from the ancient Indian medicine of Ayurveda and has the characteristics of a wellness therapy, the task of which is to promote the recovery of the essential vitality of our body. The energy that this hot oil treatment infuses is a source of vitality and youth, able to counteract aging and promote the reduction of muscle contractures.

Stone Massage
The powerful energies of the lava stone massage are known for their ability to promote a harmonizing effect and induce a meditative state of serenity and calm.

Massages massages for couples

Ritual Candle Massage
Enveloping and sensual couple ritual with hot candle that gives relaxation to body and mind. Shea butter, coconut butter and almond butter are the mixture of the three butters obtained from the hot candle and used for the massage performed with gentle maneuvers.
Romantic Journey to the East
Enveloping Japanese ritual that includes an initial enzymatic peeling with cherry blossoms and rice powder followed by a gentle foot massage, shower and finally a relaxing body massage with shea butter.
Escape of love
Moment of pure pleasure for the face and body: a harmonious encounter between a flower (the rose), a fruit (the cherry) and a color (red). The ritual includes an initial full-body scrub with rose flowers followed by an enveloping cherry massage and a delicate mini facial treatment.

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