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Face Treatment By Maria Galland

Soin Puretè

A pleasant treatment dedicated to young skin with impurities. The skin will look lighter, the profile refined and the critical areas opacified.
Soin cocoon
Draining, balancing and energizing treatment which – through a special massage technique and a mousse face mask – wraps up the face like a cocoon, irradiating the skin with new energy and relaxing face muscles.
Soin masque modelant visage
Thermo-active treatment with red clay, ideal for anti-age treatment. It produces intense moisturization, stimulates intercellular metabolism, balances the secretion of sebum, giving your face a spectacular face lift effect.
Soin masque modelant yeux
Fresh treatment applied around the eyes which reduces small lines and wrinkles and removes all signs of fatigue and stress.
Soin mille lumiere
Anti-age treatment that revitalizes, regenerates and stimulates the skin. It revives its youthful beauty thanks to an effective active principle, the TOPC.
Soin thalasso visage
Refreshing and revitalizing treatment suitable for all skin problems. A composition of spirulina algae and marine derivation natural substances that revitalize the skin and give a general sense of wellbeing.