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The thermal water


The thermal water in Sirmione is sulphurous, it contains sulphur, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, zinc, manganese and selenium. 

It has its source in Mount Baldo at 800 metres in height then, it seeps down to 2.500 metres below sea level, it enriches with minerals, it increases its temperature and then resurfaces from the lake. 

Twenty years are necessary for the whole cycle to come to an end and for the water to become thermal. Moreover, all through its course it stays bacteriologically pure. 

It’s famous all over the world because it treats problems related to the respiratory system, rheumatic and vascular affections, rhinogenous deafness, dermatological and gynaecologic disorders. 

In other words: sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis, psoriasis, arthrosis and motor rehabilitation. 

It was discovered by a Venetian diver, Procopio, who lowered himself in Lake Garda near Sirmione to search for the thermal water spring of which people talked about for many centuries. 

He followed the bubbles and, when he was at a depth of 20 metres, he started stroking his pickaxe. 

Suddenly, a 5 metres high gush made him cry: “There’s no water, there’s fire”. 

Since then, the Spring of “boiling water” was called Boiola. From this discovery, seven years of hard work went by before creating an engineering system that could carry it to the shore without being contaminated. 

Besides being curative, it has a wellbeing effect that comes from far; almost an ancestral rite, that can only be understood once immersed. It is probably for this reason, that quite a few persons, afterwards think: “This is how we probably felt in our mother’s belly, in that good liquid, warm, enveloping, where we could swim, sleep and grow good-looking and strong”. 

Something really unique that should be experienced.