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Information and request of Consent according to the Personal Data Protection Code (Legislative Decree 196/2003). 

Personal Data Protection Code meant for those who interact with the Guarantor’s web services for personal data protection, accessible through telematics and starting from address: .


The information is only meant for the website of the company and not for other websites that the user might have examined through the link.


The information is also guided by the Recommendation n. 2/2001, that the European authorities for personal data protection, gathered in the appointed Group through art. 29 of policy n. 95/46/CE, have adopted on 17th May 2001 for identifying some of the requirements necessary for online data collection, and, in particular, conditions, time and kind of information the owners of processing must provide users when they log on to web pages, apart from the intent of the linking.



The “owner” of their processing is Hotel Olivi Spa (Public Limited Company), with its premises in Sirmione, in Via San Pietro in Mavino, 5. P.IVA 00590940987 - C.F.00951370170 | Registro imprese n. 00951370170 BRESCIA.



The processing linked to the web services offered in this website (physically placed "in hosting" by the company BLASTNESS SRL - P.IVA/C.F.: 01195440118 - N.ISCRIZIONE REA DI LA SPEZIA 108542 - CAPITALE SOCIALE 100.000,00 I.V. - PIAZZA KENNEDY 27 - 19124 LA SPEZIA) are carried out on the premises of the Company owning the processing and are solely arranged by its employees, collaborators or appointed partners, that is by appointees for occasional maintenance operations.
No data deriving from web services is communicated or spread to a third party.
Personal data provided voluntarily by users is solely used in order to carry out the provision of services requested and they are not communicated to a third party, unless communication is enforced by law or is strictly necessary for the fulfilment of requests.
Specific aims concerning single processing, are identified in detail in the offer of the various services supplied. Near the single offers, the user will find specific information as to personal data processing, according to art.13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003. In such fields, he/she is free to provide personal data in order to request the services offered. The unsuccessful conferment may make it impossible to obtain as much requested.



Navigation data


The data processing systems and software procedures responsible for the functioning of this website, acquire during their regular execution, some personal data whose communication is implicit with the use of internet communication protocols.

 It is information collected in order to be associated to identified concerned persons but, due to their nature, through the processing and association of data owned by a third party, could allow the identification of users.

Are part of this data category, IP addresses or the domain names of computers used by users that log into the website, the addresses of the requested resources noted URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of request, the method used in submitting a request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained as an answer, the number code showing the state of the answer given by the server (completed, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and to the user’s information environment.

This data is solely used in order to get anonymous statistical information as to the use of the website and to verify the correct functioning and is immediately deleted after processing. Data could be used for verifying responsibility in case of hypothetical information offences that cause damage to the website: apart from this possibility, under present conditions web contacts data will not persist for more than seven days.


Data voluntarily supplied by the user

The facultative, explicit and voluntary sending of electronic mail to the addresses shown on this website, involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s address, necessary in order to reply to requests and, also any other possible personal data included in the letter.

Specific synthesized information will progressively be reported or displayed in the pages of the website arranged for particular services on request. 



Cookie is a textual element that only further to authorization is inserted in the hard disk of the computer. If one’s consent is given, the text is downloaded in a small dimension file. Cookies have the function of facilitating the anaysis of web traffic or notifying when a specific website is visited and, they allow web applications to send information to single users. No users’ personal data is intentionally acquired from the website. Cookies are not used for communicating personal information, nor are session c.d. cookies or any persistent cookies, or rather systems for tracing users. 




Apart from as much specified for the navigation of data, the user is free to provide his/her personal data in order to request the services offered by our company. Non-conferring, however, may make it impossible to obtain as much requested.



Personal data is processed with automated instruments and for the strictly necessary time to achieve an end as to they were gathered.
Specific safety measures are followed in order to prevent data loss, illicit or incorrect use and unauthorized access. 



The parties referring to the personal data, according to art. 7 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003, at any time, have the right to obtain the confirmation of whether or not the data itself exists and to know its contents and origin, to verify its exactness or ask to integrate it, update it or rectify it. Furthermore, the parties referring to the personal data, have the right to ask for deletion, transformation to anonymous or blockage of the data processed in breach of the law and, also to oppose its processing, in any case and for rightful reasons. Requests according to art. 7 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003, must be addressed to the Owner of processing.


The thermal water in Sirmione is sulphurous, it contains sulphur, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide, zinc, manganese and selenium. 

It has its source in Mount Baldo at 800 metres in height then, it seeps down to 2.500 metres below sea level, it enriches with minerals, it increases its temperature and then resurfaces from the lake. 

Twenty years are necessary for the whole cycle to come to an end and for the water to become thermal. Moreover, all through its course it stays bacteriologically pure. 

It’s famous all over the world because it treats problems related to the respiratory system, rheumatic and vascular affections, rhinogenous deafness, dermatological and gynaecologic disorders. 

In other words: sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis, psoriasis, arthrosis and motor rehabilitation. 

It was discovered by a Venetian diver, Procopio, who lowered himself in Lake Garda near Sirmione to search for the thermal water spring of which people talked about for many centuries. 

He followed the bubbles and, when he was at a depth of 20 metres, he started stroking his pickaxe. 

Suddenly, a 5 metres high gush made him cry: “There’s no water, there’s fire”. 

Since then, the Spring of “boiling water” was called Boiola. From this discovery, seven years of hard work went by before creating an engineering system that could carry it to the shore without being contaminated. 

Besides being curative, it has a wellbeing effect that comes from far; almost an ancestral rite, that can only be understood once immersed. It is probably for this reason, that quite a few persons, afterwards think: “This is how we probably felt in our mother’s belly, in that good liquid, warm, enveloping, where we could swim, sleep and grow good-looking and strong”. 

Something really unique that should be experienced.