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Sweet relax by the pool side


There is a silent blue corner, hidden by trees, and dominated by bliss. 

Sun and shade to your liking, sports and relax, and to conclude in beauty, a restaurant facing the pool that will leave an impression on your memories of romanticism and culinary delights.


Dear guest, 
I am pleased to inform you that the concentration of salt present in the water of this swimming 
pool has a smoothing, anti-infl ammatory, antiseptic, draining and detoxifying effect on your 
skin. Furthermore: 

  • It aids better cellular oxygenation, making your skin look bright and vital.
  • It favours adjuvant treatment against cellulite.
  • It relieves articular and rheumatic pain while reducing muscle stiffness.
  • It can favour relaxation while eliminating strain, stress and tiredness.
  • It favours adjuvant treatment against infl ammatory skin pathologies. 

P.S. Bathing in our swimming pool will therefore be a pleasant and healthy experience but soon after it is 
important to rinse off with fresh water. 

Doctor Mario Puviani 
Specialist in dermatology and venereology